Big Time Rush Arrive @ New York Hotel


Big Time Rush arriving at their hotel in NYC today. Photos: FameFlynet. HuffPost Teen interview: So, is the show ending? All: Yes. Kendall: They’ll never give a press release, but it’s done.

James: Look, it’s one of the biggest hits, between the music and the show, that Nickelodeon’s ever had. We’re proud of it and they’re proud of it, and I think it’s difficult for them to let it go. We do have opportunities to continue with them and continue with music we haven’t made decisions about yet.

Carlos: And quite honestly, we’ve all known for five years that we’re ready for our individual careers. Kendall: Let’s put it this way: The episodic 28-minute ‘Big Time Rush’ episodes are done. Carlos: I think it’ll just help the band if we give people time to miss us, it’s kind of like a relationship. Someone leaves..

Logan: You love ‘em, and you leave ‘em, you know what I mean? Carlos: [Laughs] You start to miss them a lot. My fiancee [Alexa Vega] travels and I appreciate all the time I have with her. I think that we’ve been around for five years is great. Now, we’re leaving for a little bit.

Kendall: Or won’t come back at all.

You mean you wouldn’t come back as a boy band?

Logan: We’re going to be a girl band next time!

Kendall: It’s sort of like a thin line to walk on, because we have a lot of fans who love Big Time Rush and we don’t want to ever disappoint them. We want them to be fans of individuals whenever we go and do our own things, which I think they are, anyway. But we don’t want to end Big Time Rush in a way that’s going to make them go, ‘Well that f—ing sucked.’

James: Kendall said this before and he’s right. The band itself is never going to die. Our music’s out there. It’s online. We’ve got four albums.

Kendall: There’s 74 episodes to play every day.

James: So it’s not like it just disappears. But in terms of new content, it might be a while, but might not be ever. We don’t know at this point and we’ve all kind of been saying, “We’re all really excited and really antsy to be our own individual artists outside the band — and support each other.”

Carlos: We get along, but we get along even better when we’re not working. So I think we’ll all stay friends and all stay very supportive.

Kendall: We make a big joke about it, but there’s a big meeting tonight. They’re going to want to do something, but it’s really up to us.