Taylor Swift, ‘I Am Giant’ + Hockey Drama


Taylor Swift, 5’11”, revealed: ‘I often hear people saying they feel intimidated with just how tall I am. I’m a giant and I make people feel uncomfortable. Then I go and put on heels and make it even worse. Sometimes it sucks being tall.’

Hurricanes star Jeff Skinner gave Taylor Swift his hockey jersey In 2009, members of the Pittsburgh Penguins gave her a ‘SWIFT 09′ jersey. Those members were Max Talbot, Jordan Staal, Alex Goligoski and Tyler Kennedy. Four years later, all four were ex-Penguins were canned.

She attended a Los Angeles Kings game in 2009. They missed the playoffs. She revealed the Nashville Predators third jerseys in 2009. They were eliminated in the first round. She once wore a Leafs jersey. They haven’t won the Cup since 1967..’