Perrie ‘Zayn Likes Me Without Makeup’


Perrie told NOW: ‘I can’t be bothered to wear make-up every day. I’m lucky with Zayn, he likes me either way. I am who I am and I wouldn’t change my look for a man. If you’re a normal girl and your friend posts a picture of you on Facebook looking an absolute mess, you’d be like, ‘Erm, can you untag that please?’ But you can’t that in this industry’

Insider revealed about Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards‘ wedding: ‘They’ve had to discuss waiting until next June, although neither of them wants to wait. Perrie has confided that she sometimes feels like the odds are stacked against them and that they’re never going to find a date that works for everyone. Everything is up in the air.’

Zayn and Perrie are dreading having to spend the next couple of months apart while One Direction tour Australia and New Zealand. They ideally want to be married by Christmas, preferably in an exotic location, and Zayn has promised money is no object, there’s talk of a £1 million budget.

Everyone hoped that Perrie and Zayn would have a long engagement because marriage is such a big step at their age. Their families are reassuring them there’s no need to rush and they have their whole lives ahead of them.’