Taylor Swift @ Romeo & Juliet Premiere


Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld @ Romeo & Juliet premiere in Hollywood. Taylor performing with Hunter Hayes under! Taylor visited 7-year-old Grace Markel, who was hit and severely injured by a speeding, uninsured driver while walking into her concert this summer. Photos: FameFlynet.

After exiting a taxi at the concert venue with her father, Grace was hit by an SUV traveling at 30 miles per hour. The driver was uninsured and had a suspended license. She was treated after suffering two skull fractures, a left orbital fracture,

Multiple head lacerations, a severe concussion, road rash over her face and body: ‘Taylor greeted Grace by her name and immediately knelt down and hugged her. She told Grace she had a cold and asked Grace to sing extra loud to help her out.’ Ed Sheeran told M Magazine Taylor Swift’s cat Meredith is a diva:

‘Meredith doesn’t like anyone. There’s moments when she doesn’t like Taylor. She’s just a very ungrateful cat. She just expects it to come to her and if it doesn’t then she’ll just glare at you. I think [because] Taylor isn’t a diva, I think someone in that camp needs to be a diva. So Meredith fits that quite well.’