+ LORDE featured in ELLE magazine! rde doesn’t want you to have to settle.

Rising music leader LORDE told USA TODAY: ‘So much of the music that’s on top 40 radio is so dumb, and people aren’t that dumb. People settle for that music because that’s all there is in pop.. There’s not a lot of reality in pop music sometimes. It can feel quite detached from people’s lives, and so that was something people appreciate about my music maybe. But also, it’s super, super simple, which is kind of refreshing.

I realized that lots of the references (in their lyrics) didn’t really relate to anything in my life.’ On Lorde: ‘Something that has always fascinated me. Everything that happened to a royal family in, like, the 17th century is just absurd, but cool.’

The (new) record is quite different from the EP, musically, in that I just have kind of grown up a bit since I wrote the EP. I’m better at making beats and writing songs and stuff. The material feels more mature. I think it’s way better than the EP.’ With 10 songs, including Royals and Tennis Court, it clocks in at 37 minutes. ‘I hate it when albums drag.’

I like Tumblr because it’s somewhere I can put all the visual stuff that’s in my brain. When I’m writing music, it’s a visual process just as much as a sonic one, and you can scroll through my Tumblr and see what I listened to months ago when I was writing. Artists who don’t control their own social media in this day and age are just crazy. It’s such an important link to people who care about you.’