Selena Refuses Bieber Talk In Dubai


Selena Gomez appears stunning at Dubai Music Week. Video HERE.

Selena refused to answer questions on her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber at a press conference in Dubai. In a stage-managed press conference at Dubai hotel Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Thursday to promote Dubai Music Week, all questions related to Bieber were rejected.

Gomez performs at Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday night. The three minute intervie included her thoughts on the UAE, her transition to international music star and what people can expect from her gig in Dubai.

‘I might not want to go home. You get to wake up and see the beach and get good food and go for a walk.. I genuinely appreciate the path that I’ve taken but I understand that I’m just a little kid and I’m still trying to figure out where my place is. It’s been good to experience and have (people) who tell me what to do and not to do. I think it’s part of growing up.’

Asked about the pressures of being the youngest and biggest international star, Gomez replied: ‘Well I’m definitely not the biggest! It’s so awkward because I’ve travelled with my family and I’ve done what I do for a while. I don’t do anything different from what other people do. I just know that I have a platform and a voice.

I want the audience to be exhausted from dancing. When I have that audience and feed off the crowd. My following is from five years old to people in their 30s, so it’s the funnest group of people.’

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