Eleanor ‘Larry Fans Are Vile, Don’t Apologize’


The hyper-defensive perfect-haired hunkalicious soccer player and One Direction member,Louis Tomlinson’s best friend from childhood, Stanley (Stan) Lucas took to twitter to chime into the Larry debate calling out Larry Stylinson shippers to be not real fans. He bashed the Larry fans by saying, “If you are a ‘fan’ of someone why would you continue (after they have asked to stop) to upset them and people close to them? #notarealfan”

UPDATE: Lottie also apologized on instagram formally for her bashful comments defending her brother. She considers being homosexual an insult, and thus was defending her brother. Do YOU think being called gay is an insult to Louis? Eleanor Calder also went at it replying on instagram saying, “Some people [Larry fans] are VILE. You have nothing to apologise for Lotts xxxx

  • How Dare She?

    It’s sick that she thought it was an insult.
    It’s a sexuality not a diesase.

    SOMEBODY’S a homophobe.

    SOMEBODY’S vile.

    And guess what? It isn’t us.