Harry Styles & Paige Makeout + Blackmail


An old picture of Harry Styles & Paige Reifler emerged of the two making out on the floor! Thx @1DUpdatedWW, @rafaelalais_25, @samanthaschepke! Harry and Paige were rumored to be dating/hooking up in the past while he was in NYC.

Word on the street is that Paige was blackmailed by her friends Walter Martinez, Stephen Orso & Alec Orso. The three of them were allegedly trying to sell it to TMZ, but now the pics were posted and they are trying to make it as public as possible by getting the attention of TMZ, MTV etc etc. One Direction fans think that Paige and her friends are all doing it for publicity. Do YOU think Paige was in on it? Or do YOU think she is playing victim as part of an elaborate plot to try to keep Harry Styles as a friend?

Harry tweeted awhile back about ‘You my friend are not a pal’, could he already have unfriended Paige & co? VIDEOS UNDER of Paige & friends, who were invited by Harry Styles, to the NYC One Direction concert & were making fun of Harry Styles and the other One Direction members saying how gay they were and boring the concert was via nail filing, yawning, sleeping etc during the concert!