Miley, ‘I’m Pregnant With Juicy J’s Baby’


Do YOU Miley had an abortion, is pregnant or news is incorrect?

Miley Ray: ‘Right now I’m at a point in my career where I can just be exactly who I want to be. I can just have fun and not think about any kind of repercussion and just go for what you want to do. That causes a lot of reaction but I think there’s something about watching people grow up.

I told my hairstylist, shave my head, dye me blonde. I need to let go of like a past in a way because I felt like we need to see change. I felt like I had this whole new attitude. I felt like I could finally be the bad b–h I really am. Even the way I dress has opened up. I still feel like I’m beginning.’

My VMA performance was a strategic hot mess.. There’s no life for me other than entertaining.. Now people really get to see what the movement is all about. Right now, I still feel like I’m beginning.’