Paige, ‘Harry Styles Is So Damn Gullible’


Paige Reifler laughs with her friend Eva Kudenholdt at Harry Styles for being, ‘So damn gullible!’ She allegedly texted Harry Styles excuses for the ‘blackmail’ and makeout pictures that leaked and Harry Styles apparently bought into it. Part of Paige’s group of friends,

Alec Orso also posted a picture on instagram admitting to being a fake friend to Harry Styles and saying that the fan’s picture was accurate. Paige commented on Alec’s photo very cockily with a sassy response (see under). Looks like Paige is really involved in this blackmail scheme! If you are confused as to what we’re referring to, see our FULL story HERE.

What do YOU think about this whole situation? One Direction fans are trying to get Paige and all her friend’s twitter and instagram accounts suspended. HELP our lord, svaior, Apollo god of all that is sexual holy and desirable. He is under attack! Poor bb Harry Styles.. :(

UPDATED with Perth pictures!