Liam Hemsworth Dumped Eiza Already?


Liam Hemsworth flirted with two women on Sunday afternoon at a New York City, Ainsworth Park sports bar with James Marsden and other friends racking up a $3,800 bar tab, reports People.

They first ordered beers and mini-burgers before moving to tequila. Liam was wearing the New York Yankees baseball cap that he’s wearing since from LA to New York. The group stayed at the bar for five hours and Liam chatted with two women he met there instead of watching the sports action,.

Source on how Miley felt when Liam was photographed kissing Eiza: ”Miley is extremely angry. She’s saying she doesn’t care about Liam, that she’s better off without him, all that kind of stuff. But the truth is she’s pretty devastated.

[Miley] totally believed that no matter what happened, she and Liam would work it all out. She thought he was her soul mate. Him just walking away like this and not fighting for her, is heartbreaking.’