Ariana Grande Pink Champagne Official

Studio version of Ariana Grande‘s song ‘Pink Champagne’.

Ariana: ‘I cannot believe I have 10 million followers on Twitter. That’s the craziest thing in the world. So as a ‘thank you’ I wanted to give you guys this song, which I know you love and makes you so happy. It’s a fetus song. I recorded it when I was about 17. This is a rough, rough, rough, rough and it’s really ancient, but you know how I feel about my fetus music.’

Will other songs with Mac Miller be released? ‘No, you know the kind of music that Mac and I make is kind of experimental and weird and, like, it’s super cool. I would love to put it out somewhere, maybe I’ll talk to him. We’ll put it online or something for download or something.

The fun thing about my friendship with Malcolm is that when I go over and hang out with him, I get to make music with him that I wouldn’t necessarily make for my album. We get to experiment and do cool, weird things. I get to sing different ways and add tons and tons and tons of vocals and harmonies and just make cool music. He’s such a great guy.’