Miley ‘Used The Last Song To Trap Liam’

Miley Cyrus ‘The Movement’ video above. Excepts: ‘Every decision goes into a bigger plan.. For me, the movement has to be bigger than just a record. For me, a movement represents like taking over the world.

It’s not a transition.. I’m the same human. I’ve got the same heart I did five years ago. I’m never doing that again. & I’m gonna do music for the rest of my life.‘ On Britney: ‘Everything’s about what’s going to be biggest moment in pop culture.. She’s got so many of those moments that people will never forget. It’s about living and being in that moment.

We’re in 2013. I live in America where we’re the land of the free, and I feel like if you can’t express yourself, you’re not very free. Any time I do something, I want to remember this is what separates me from everybody else. There’s no other life for me but entertaining. I was like born to become who I am right now.’

Miley manipulated Liam: ‘She used the movie [The Last Song] to trap and guilt him into staying in a relationship with her. She was constantly reminding him that she ‘helped make him a star’ through their movie and she’d brag that she ‘introduced him to the world.’ That movie was her project and she never hesitated to remind Liam of it.

She literally took credit for making him a popular actor. But she flipped once Liam checked out of their relationship. He was fed up, especially after the VMAs. No matter how much Miley whined or manipulated him.. he was done.’

Miley had a tirade before VMA performance the plan was to arrive in a police car with the famous teddy bear by her side, but when the car missed her vehicle parked to the side, plans changed. Miley: This f*cking.. it’s been ruined. So f*ck it, let me just get out of the f*cking car. No, I don’t wanna now reverse and then everyone see me get in the car. That wasn’t the point. The point was to show up in the f*cking car. This is f*cking lame. Stop f*cking backing me the f*ck up. This sh*t looks lame. Are you kidding? Let’s just get out. F*ck it.’

Rita Ora on Miley: ‘There is no line. The greatness about what we do is you can do whatever you want. There’s no line in my book. Madonna never had a line. I think it’s just about how far you want to take it. I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to draw a line for you. It’s about how you want to be perceived. If it’s who you are and that’s how you want to be perceived then I am all for it. It’s a personal preference, she has her way, I have my way. Eveyone’s different. I can’t twerk!’

Miley on Mike Will Made: ‘I had known about him because I listen to a lot of hip-hop and i just fell in love with his beats and how young he was, and no pop chicks were really messing with him like that. I got in the studio and we were bouncing off these ideas, kinda like singing with each other and the connection just started. Then it kept getting crazier and better.’