Miley Vagina Suit Criticized By Model


Chrissy Teigen is the swimisuit model that Amanda Bynes called ‘ugly’.

Roseanne Tweeted & deleted about Miley: ‘YOU ARE BEING USED BY PIMPS. #listenupgirl #amandabynes was also abused. sinead cared enough to tell miley the truth and miley calls her ‘crazy. Just like MKULTRAfeminists are trained 2do. [used] 2 attack sane women who develop mental illness as a reaction to abuse.’

RELATED NEWS: Singer Amanda Palmer open letter responding to Sinead: ‘It’s generally women scolding other women..we’re our own worst enemies. Which is not to say there aren’t some mean motherfucking men out there.’

Miley is, from what I can gather, in charge of her own show. She’s writing the plot and signing the checks, and although I think it’s tempting to imagine her in the board room of label assholes and management, I don’t think any of them masterminded her current plan to be a raging, naked, twerking sexpot. I think that’s All Miley All The Way.

Kanye West & Pharrell SUPPORT Miley. Essence director: ‘Whether you’re a Miley fan or not, she is the girl of the moment,. Business is business. They’re in the music business; she’s the girl of the moment, so why not get on record with the girl of the moment? That’s as basic as it’s going to get.

I think the black culture that she is influenced by, I think it’s black culture that has become popular culture. There is so much to (black culture) and we’re so complicated and she is just what mainstream America thinks about black culture.’

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