Will Lorde Get Naked In Future Like Miley?

Lorde when asked whether she will pose naked in the future: ‘I think I’m good.’

Performing ‘Royals’ on Good Morning America LIVE under!

‘I’m super focused on making new music at the moment, and that’s a good way to be if you’ve had some success with past music, rather than be like ‘How am I going to follow this one up?’

I think what everyone forgets is that there’s all this stuff, and then in the center is the music you make. I wouldn’t be doing this interview unless I have a record or a body of work to back it up; if there’s no music, there’s literally nothing.

So I have to be like ‘You have to let me make music, or what is there for us to do?’ It’s the thing that I care about the most and it keeps me sane, so I’ve gotten pretty good at saying, like ‘No, I don’t want to do that boring thing, I want to do this cool thing.’

I wrote ‘Royals’ before I got big, but I wrote the whole record pretty much after, and people seem to like that. I couldn’t not think about it gaining momentum while I was writing. I’m just focused on making more music, better music. I think I’ve got some great ideas already.’