Selena Gomez Settles Perfume Lawsuit

TMZ reports that Selena Gomez may end up paying more than a million dollars as part of a settlement with a perfume company (Adrenalina Inc) that sued her for bailing on an endorsement.

Adrenalina Inc., who began suing the 20-year-old brunette beauty last April for allegedly breaking a contract to be a spokesperson for the brand, will reportedly receive a six figure sum from Selena, who counter-sued in May, claiming the manufacturers actually owed her more than $5.2 million because their business deal fell apart. The perfumers previously claimed it had invested $2 million into researching and developing the deal with Selena before she backed out, but she later insisted the company was broke and couldn’t afford to make her product.

Her attorney Michael Weinsten initially said the lawsuit was without merit, adding: “Any claim that Selena did not meet her promotional obligations is ridiculous, manufactured after Adrenalina was terminated. Selena will vigorously defend this lawsuit, and will soon bring her own lawsuit against Adrenalina for millions in damages.” But both sides have now come to an agreement and the lawsuit has just been dismissed, according to

The ‘Come & Get It’ hitmaker will have to pay a six-figure sum to put the case behind her but the deal also contains another component that could see the amount bumped up to seven figures. The singer and Adrenalina Inc. declined to comment on the settlement. NOTE: This perfume endorsement deal is not to be confused with her own debut fragrance produced by Givaudan.