Miley Cyrus Theo Wenner Escapade


Miley Cyrus left the SNL after-party in her honor in the early hours of Sunday morning to meet up with Theo Wenner, a source at the party told Radar. Theo is the ex-boyfriend of Liv Tyler and the son of magazine mogul Jan Wenner, the owner of Rolling Stone.

“Miley was on her phone throughout the party at STK in Midtown texting Theo the whole time. Just before 3am, after receiving another text from Theo, she hopped up from her table and left the party abruptly, leaving all of her friends behind.

“She and her bodyguard then spent the next hour driving around the city, trying aggressively to lose about five paparazzi cars that were following her. Miley’s entourage even used a second Cadillac Escalade to block off the chasing paps. She eventually lost their tail and Miley sped off into the distance.”

Soon after, having ferried Cyrus to an apparent rendezvous with Wenner, the two Escalades returned to her hotel. ‘A third car showed up and dropped off her bodyguard but there was no sign of Miley in any of the cars,” the source added. “She clearly had been dropped off somewhere to spend the night.”

Though it’s unclear when or how the two met, Wenner shot the controversial pop star for her all-nude cover of Rolling Stone. ‘Theo is a young, hip and rich socialite,” the source said.UPDATED with BANGERZ JAPAN POSTCARDS + new Fashion pix.