Ruby Rose, ‘I Had Sex With Demi Lovato’


Australian DJ Ruby Rose, 26, claimed on Twitter that she had sex with Demi Lovato. She Tweeted on Sunday that she was going to refrain from using social media because friends of Demi were attacking her ‘for being a ‘scorned ex-lover”

On Instagram she told followers that she’s ‘the one person demi has slept with that didn’t sell on naked photos of her.’ Then Tweeted: ‘What just happened to me on [Instagram] wasn’t very nice and I retaliated because I stood up for myself. It’s all sorted now Back to business..’

The Australian star then deleted all of the mentioned tweets to go on to write three more, less vivi, tweets which distanced her from the controversy yet still didn’t deny her claims that the pair had hooked up.

‘Listen, I’m in no way shocked or offended by the shade im getting from people who have simply cropped my reply to what actually started this. However I in no way initiated this, nor did I say something that wasn’t already written in this ridiculous post. One sided replies don’t cut it. However, love and peace to everyone. It is what is it.. Remember it doesn’t really matter what people think. Its what you know that counts.’