Jonas Breakup Fight & Cancel Tour?!


According to Philly Q102, their host Nicole has reportedly heard uncomfirmed statements that the Jonas Brothers have broken up, CANCELLED their tour because of recent fighting amongst each other.

As of now, they are supposed to be in Philly at the Tower Theater on Friday. According to Q102’s sources, they say they will NOT be performing tomorrow. Yesterday they performed together and rehearsed. Do YOU think this is a publicity stunt organized by the Jonas Brothers’s management? OR Do YOU think the Jonas Brothers really broke up? OR a complete misunderstanding?

UPDATE: Fans have taken it into their hands and called Ticketmaster who said that all their tour dates are still scheduled as planned. The Jonas fans have gone into a frenzy and panicking frantically on Twitter waiting for any of the Jonas team to debunk this pr stunt/ rumor. NOTE: The story was all very orchestrated from being announced and sent out to many media outlets on twitter spreading the rumor via Q102. Interesting..