Harry Styles Purple Sweater In Auckland


The world is not worthy of God’s most precious and gracious gift to the world, Harry Styles who dished on their new album ‘Midnight Memories': ‘This is the bit where everyone kind of experiences the same feeling. There’s a lot of stuff where, in terms of people we work with like the record label who are always doing different jobs, it’s now like we’ve all worked towards this.. It’s about to come out so everyone’s a bit nervous.’

Interviewers said he shouldn’t be nervous: ‘Oh we should. If you’ve heard the songs.. we were scraping the barrel.’ Liam: ‘We’ve written a lot of the songs on it. It’s a bit more edgy. It’s grown as we’ve grown.’

Will One Direction get naked in new music video? ‘We were thinking how we’re gonna make a better video, and we thought we’ll get a giant disco ball, all get on it naked, then swing from side to side.‘ Liam: ‘I don’t remember this conversation. I actually have got disco balls.’


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