Selena ‘Bieber’s Heartbreaker Is Beautiful’


Selena Gomez told KISS 98.5 (It happens at the end so you have to listen to whole interview) about Justin Bieber’s song about her ‘Heartbreaker': ‘Honestly, I think it’s beautiful music. Especially since he is super talented, able to use it and interpret feelings through music. It’s what you do to grow as an artist, that’s what I did and what many people do. It’s sweet.’

Are you going to kill me if I say that I hope you come back dating? Selena: I will not kill you, for I hear that a lot, no problem. Interviewer: If I were to Las Vegas to bet on something about you, what should I bet? Selena: You should bet that I enjoy all the success that I have to be independent and single. I know what I need to do with my life.