Emma Robert Rape Scene Horror Story

Fans on Twitter cheered on the rape of Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) in American Horror Story: Coven. The scene in question finds Roberts’ character, a snobbish former starlet, being drugged and gang raped by a series of sloppy, laughing frat boys until Evan Peters’ Kyle rushes in to stop them.

Fans took to Twitter, expressing joy at the brutality of the scene: ‘So happy @RobertsEmma got frat raped in #AmericanHorrorStory her acting is so lame. But that was funny. I’m going to hell, wait.. I’m here.. Emma Roberts getting gang-date raped, sweet.. Shit, I would drug Emma Roberts just to have sex with her.. i =hope emma roberts gets raped.’

Do YOU think it’s okay to joke about Emma’s television rape scene?