Selena Gomez Responds To Lorde Bash

Selena Gomez told HOT 99.5 on Lorde’s criticism on ‘Come & Get It': ‘There’s 2 different kinds of criticism. There’s the people that hide behind a computer and want to say endless amount of things but never say it to your face, and then obviously there are the vocal ones. I appreciate everybody’s opinion, especially because I’ve covered her music lots of times.

I think she is super talented and I think it’s awesome. But I think at the same time that feminism and that specific thing is very sensitive because in my opinion it’s not feminism if you’re tearing down another artist. So that’s the only thing that I feel but you know, she’s young, she’s got so much talent, she’s gonna take over, she gets it, so I don’t take it to heart.’

Selena told TJ SHOW that has a crush on Drake: ‘I’m like, ‘awww [Drake] did that for me’ when it’s like, he did it on Twitter. I’m like ‘my baby did that for me!’’ Would she date Drake? ‘Nooo.. And I mean this in the nicest way. I just don’t have a big enough butt for Drake.’

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