Harry Styles 10 Minute Naked Headlock


Stunningly & handsomely gorgeous curly-haired Apollo-like God of everything sexy, Harry Styles titillated fans around the world making everyone unstable for days as he told the Daily Star about a prank gone wrong: ‘We do have a really good laugh if we’re in a stupid mood, once we jokingly decided to attack Paul, our tour manager. I was naked and thought it would be a quick fight but it took forever so I was stuck in a naked headlock for about 10 minutes.’

10 Minutes and there were no pictures.. those 10 glorious and blessed moments…wasted. #wherewasLouis I just needed to be Paul’s bicep for at least one second.. UPDATE: Harry Styles revealed during soundcheck yesterday that he would rather kiss his bandmate Zayn Malik, than Selena Gomez. Could it be that Harry is indeed bisexual/ gay?! Who could deny Saintlena Gomez..