Ariana Grande Did NOT Cheat On Jai?


Source told Perez Hilton that Ariana Grande didn’t cheat on Jai Brooks ‘I know the two well and this is a classic case of a nobody trying to use someone’s fame as a way to leverage his own pursuit of stardom. Ariana never cheated on Jai.’

Despite Jai’s twitlonger, even Twitter evidence proves that Jai Brooks & Ariana Grande were broken up before Ariana and her current boyfriend, Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, got together. In addition, Ariana was seen in her performance in Philly (FF->4:08) crying during Honeymoon Avenue in regard to her breakup.

And that’s when the insider says Ariana’s FRIENDSHIP with Nathan started up as he sent her flowers to help her broken heart. The two had only met twice before for work matters (recording Almost Is Never Enough) where they didn’t even get any time alone. Ariana and Nathan confirmed their relationship status on September 24th, Jai had already confirmed on Twitter that he was only friends with Ariana.

Jai Brooks CONTRADICTED himself in earlier claims on September 12th when he tweeted J-14, “[Ariana & I] We are just friends and supportive of each other.” Meanwhile changing this story to the public saying Ariana cheated on him. The tweet has since been deleted!

+ new pix of Ariana, Jennette & Nathan at Sam & Cat opening!

UPDATE: Ariana told 4Music: ‘How he handled it was a bit unexpected, but at the end of the day my family and my friends and my true fans know the kind of person that I am. Those kind of accusations are completely false and more than anything hurtful and shocking.’ VIDEO under!

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  • KSari

    Ariana is the most awsome and talented person Ive ever met and she didnt cheat on jai brooks and Im proud to be her fan.