Janoskians Shut DOWN Beverly Center!

ABC 7 News reported that the Janoskians shut down Beverly Center after security only expected a few hundred to show up, but were overwhelmed when thousands showed up. ‘Out of nowhere, a bunch of girls just ran because one of the guys, James, he tweeted saying that the event got canceled. So the girls went crazy, and we all just ran over there, and it was insane,’ said Daniela Rodriguez, a fan of the Janoskians.

‘You hear everyone screaming, ‘They’re on the third floor; they’re on the second floor!’ We don’t know where to go. We’re trying to get out and trying not to get hurt. The escalators are just full,’ said Abad, a fan of the music group.

The LAPD says the fire marshal ordered the mall to evacuate the thousands of people inside before the mall was scheduled to close. Organizers and mall security were surprised by the turnout. Not only were fans told to leave; other shoppers and mall employees had their night cut short due to the chaos.

‘The security couldn’t control them, so they kicked everybody out of the Beverly Center. Everyone was evacuated – employees, guests, everyone,’ said Michelle Ortiz, a Macy’s employee. Do YOU think the Janoskians will be the next One Direction?!