Ken Baker, ‘Joe Jonas Is Not In Rehab’


HOWEVER, according to Blind Gossip Joe Jonas is addicted to heroin! This famous performer is getting on everyone else’s nerves because he isn’t taking the tour seriously. He is drinking on stage, doing dr*gs off stage, and basically treating the whole tour as one long party. Why is he being so unprofessional? The group points to one person: his girlfriend.

The other members of the group have absolutely had it with this girl! She stays in the fancy hotels and flies on the private jet, and eats every meal with her boyfriend (often without the rest of the group), all paid for by the group. She makes sure that she is with her boyfriend every minute that he is not on stage.

Actually, for several shows, she was literally on stage, sitting on one of the speakers so that the whole audience could watch her watching her boyfriend! It was really odd, and members of the audience were asking each other, ‘Why is she on stage? Is she part of the band now?’ No, but she thinks she is!

The other members of the band and his manager have tried talking to him about how she is using him and using the band to make herself famous, and about how she is a bad influence on him, but he is in denial about all of it. None of this may sink in until he gets back home and realizes that he doesn’t have a record deal. And even then, he may be too dr*nk or high to care.

It’s Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers! The girlfriend is Blanda Eggenschwiler. Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is a her*in addict. The family will be blaming him for the recent cancellation of their tour. However, the story will be twisted by the Jonas family to make Joe and others look bad, and to make the Jonas family look like saints. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jonas has been battling an addiction to her*in for approximately the past year. He had tried the drug in the past, but became fully add*cted soon after dating Blanda Eggenschwiler, a Swiss illustrator and her*in add*ct.

The Jonas brothers completed an international tour earlier this year. Blanda accompanied Joe on the last Jonas tour. As detailed in the original blind item above, Joe drank and drugged his way through that tour.

Some of the crew on the tour, who are friends with Joe, approached Papa Jonas about Joe’s add*ction. Some of them were crying and extremely distraught. Joe was losing weight, was acting erratically, and was incoherent much of the time. They knew that Joe was using her*in with Blanda multiple times a day. They begged Papa Jonas to get Joe into rehab before he died.

Papa Jonas’ response? He would not allow ANYTHING to stop the tour, and if they didn’t like it, they could “f*cking leave or get fired!” Some of them did leave the tour. Some were fired. Some finished the tour but refused to go on the next one. Papa Jonas told them that if any of them spoke out about what was going on, that he, his family, other members of crew, and their PR team would denounce them and destroy them in the press and that they would never be hired by anyone, ever again.

Joe’s friends care deeply about him, but they are ordinary people who are no match for his domineering and threatening father and the rest of the Jonas clan and their PR machine. They have been pressured repeatedly by the Jonas family to “keep their mouths shut” and “mind their own fucking business”. They tell us that “The Jonas family is like the Mafia. Their entire family’s life is a lie but they threaten everyone so that no one tells the truth about them.”

The Jonas family is very concerned about money. They have multiple homes in multiple cities and more than one private plane. The Jonas Brothers were fired from their last label, Hollywood Records. Joe’s solo album did not sell well, and Nick’s acting career and Kevin’s reality show are not enough to support the entire family. The Jonas Brothers fan base has grown older and less enthusiastic, and all of the money from the last tour went to pay off an outstanding debt. They knew that this upcoming tour and album might be their chance to earn one last big payday as a family.

The now-canceled upcoming tour sold very poorly. Although they had downsized to play at much smaller venues than the previous tour (in some cases only 3000 seats), some concerts were only 50% sold out. Despite lots of hype about their upcoming album, the first couple of singles released from the album did not do well and barely cracked the charts. While they needed this second tour and album release to put them back in the spotlight, all signs pointed to the fact that they would not be successful.

Everyone in the family, the band, the crew, and their management team is very well aware of Joe’s her*in addiction, and has been for a long time. At first Joe did deny his problem, but his life soon became unmanageable and he began asking for help.

Shockingly, his family tried to dissuade him from going to rehab. Yes, you read that correctly! Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, Nick, and Kevin were very concerned about their public image if the fans found out that one of the Jonas Brothers was a her*in addict. The family told Joe that he was being “selfish” for wanting to go to rehab and ruin their reputation as a wholesome family. They continued to plan the tour and album release and ignored Joe’s pleas for help.

Joe told them repeatedly that he was sick, that he needed help, and that he wasn’t going to make it through the tour unless he went to rehab first. His family told him that if could make it through the last tour as an addict, he could make it through the next tour as an addict, too. His father was especially adamant that Joe should “suck it up” and “stop whining.” Other family members told him that he should just “pray about it.” Joe’s brothers, Nick and Kevin, sided with their family. The income of everyone in the family depended on the success of the tour and the album release.

A couple of days before the tour started, Joe Jonas quit the band and announced that he was going to rehab. His family pushed, pulled, cajoled, and threatened, but Joe refused to go on tour.

The family cited “creative differences” and a “family rift” as the reason tour’s cancellation, but have been silent ever since. They are trying to figure out who to blame. They are telling former employees and Joe’s friends to “keep their mouths shut” and that “everything is under control.”

But the truth is that everything is out of control. Joe is upset that his family is trying to prevent him from going to rehab. He knows that his addiction is out of control and that he needs help immediately.

The last few weeks have been torturous for Joe Jonas. Joe keeps up appearances, but he uses her*in multiple times a day. He knows that he is in trouble and tells many people, “I can’t do this. I can’t keep up with the lies. I’m sick. I’m going to die. I need to go to rehab now!” His friends began calling rehab facilities on his behalf, and were very close to having him admitted to a facility. The family got wind of their activities, threatened them, and told them “mind your own f*cking business!” They tell them that the family has things under control, and that if the friends don’t back off, that the family will denounce them as “whores, liars, opportunists, and drug addicts.”

Over the past few days, it has been a tug of war. At one point, his friends literally had Joe Jonas in the car with his suitcase packed, ready to go to rehab… but his family physically stopped them! Joe is too drugged up and weak to fight his entire family. The family flew his girlfriend in from Switzerland to keep him supplied with her*in and to parade him around Los Angeles for photo ops to pretend that everything is fine while they figure out how they are going to spin this.

Yes, the Jonas family will definitely try to spin this story. Who will they blame for the tour cancellation? They may say that it is all Joe’s fault that the tour was canceled, and not mention anything about poor ticket sales or their own failure to get Joe into rehab. They may blame Blanda, even though she is currently on the Jonas payroll to prevent the release of Joe’s sex tape. They may blame the very friends of Joe who have been desperately trying to get him into rehab. They may blame us for exposing them. Whoever they blame, they will certainly try to portray themselves as a loving and caring family who are deeply concerned about their son’s welfare.

The ugly truth is that they knew that their son and brother had a serious problem; that he begged them repeatedly to delay the tour and album so that he could go to rehab; and that they denied him help for their own selfish reasons. Had they cared more about their son’s health – and less about their family’s precious reputation and lining their wallets – Joe would have gone to rehab after the last tour and they wouldn’t be scrambling now for excuses and scapegoating him for the cancellation of this tour. Shame on them.