Sinead ‘Miley Your Bullying Causes Suicide’

Kissing Miley Cyrus.. 5th Open Letter .. Suicide Prevention. Dear Miley I hear you’ve asked ‘Are we supposed to kiss?’.. when someone asked you would we ‘make up’. No, worry not.. there’s no need for kissing.. But let me state again.. You’re supposed to apologise for the mocking of any person who sought help, publicly or privately, to prevent themselves from committing suicide.

You’re also supposed to apologise for mocking people who are mistakenly or otherwise perceived to be mentally ill. Because what you did is extraordinarily dangerous as it contributes to the silences which allow suicide to flourish and also contributes to the bullying of people perceived mistakenly or otherwise to be mentally ill.

That bullying causes suicides. Thats why you’re supposed to apologise. Its really very simple. People die every day because of the type of thing you did. Its not that hard to say sorry. Doing so will save lives. Sinead

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