Miley Cyrus ‘In Lust With’ Theo Wenner


Miley Cyrus is having sex with Rolling Stone magazine heir Theo Wenner, 26, reports Radar. Miley communicates with Wenner several times a day, they are casually dating but Miley completely in lust with him: ‘She’s definitely dating him. Miley talks about how hot Theo is and how nice he’s been to her. She’s definitely completely in lust with him.’

Miley even snuck out early from her ‘Bangerz’ album release party in New York City on Oct. 8 to meet with Wenner: He didn’t come to the release party, but she snuck out at one point and went and met him at The Plaza.’ Theo NOT Mike Will sent her flowers: ‘She said she’s never met anyone as sweet as Theo.’

Theo is photographer for Rolling Stone and dated actress Liv Tyler, 36, in 2011.