1D To Be On X-Factor + Aussie Accents


One Direction have been confirmed to appear on The X Factor UK and US live shows. According to HEAT, Harry Styles is finding touring lonely: ‘He suffers from terrible homesickness and exhaustion towards the end of a tour. He often wakes his personal trainer Mark in the middle of the night because he’s so lonely that he’d prefer them to work out together than be on his own. He wants people to chill with away from the band.’

Louis Tomlinson had phone charges that he wants Simon Cowell to pay for. Louis complained to The Sun: ‘Our data charges are quite ridiculous really. In no time the bills become massive as my mates will keep on ringing and chatting. They don’t know or maybe they don’t care that it’s me paying the bill. Well, they know now. So far Simon hasn’t shown any interest in paying. It’s time he started to dig deep.’

Interviews under. 1D pictured arriving back at their Melboune hotel. Harry went shopping: @capitalZARRY: THE BOYS BOUGHT FANS FOOD LITERALLY EVERYONE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP I LOVE THESE BOYS MORE THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE.