Lorde ‘Royals’ #1 Billboard For 3rd Week


Lorde’s breakthrough smash ‘Royals’ fends off Miley Cyrus’ resurgent ‘Wrecking Ball,’ which swings 3-2 with top Airplay Gainer honors. The former two-week No. 1 rises 10-9 on Radio Songs, soaring by 27% to 82 million. After a dip to No. 2 last week, ‘Ball’ rebounds back to the top for a fourth week atop Streaming Songs (13 million, up 14%)

Katy Perry’s former two-week Hot 100 No. 1 “Roar” slips 2-3. It spends a fourth frame atop Radio Songs (162 million, down 3%), holds at No. 2 on Digital Songs (195,000, down 10%) and rebounds 5-4 on Streaming Songs (5.8 million, down 6%). Lady Gaga’s No. 4-peaking ‘Applause’ rises 9-8 on the Hot 100. It rallies 19-12 on Streaming Songs (2.9 million, up 8%) and lifts 9-7 on Radio Songs (90 million, up 7%).

Lorde has met up with Dr Luke and would like to write songs for Rihanna and Ellie Goulding and K-Pop acts. She told CLASH: ‘I’ve heard from lots of people, almost too many to mention! But Dr Luke was particularly impressive. It’s like, ‘you’re Dr Luke. You’re like Rambo’. He’s pop royalty. I imagine him living in some ice palace with Nordic maidens and windchimes. He’s cool. I find what he does so fascinating.

I haven’t written for other artists yet but I definitely want to. Obviously lyrics are a huge part of my music, and they’re so personal to me, so.. It’ll be such a challenge to step out of my body. I can’t wait. Rihanna would be fun to write for because she’s done EVERYTHING. And I’d love to write for, or with, Ellie Goulding, actually.

Girlbands are only cool if they’re so ridiculous it’s awesome, like the K-Pop girlbands with twelve people who rule the country. I’d write for a Korean girlband, definitely, some of their melodies are the best pop’