Cher Lloyd ‘Lorde Is A Knob’


Cher Lloyd told J-14 that Lorde is a ‘knob’ for slamming Selena Gomez and Come & Get It’s ‘anti-feminist message’. Cher: ‘Why does she have to go and do that? She’s doing so well, what a knob. Why would she do that? She’s sitting at number one. I think she’s going to eat her words, which she obviously already has, and I think for someone who’s gaining so much success so early, she should be considering herself lucky, it takes a lot of work.

You know what though? If she said something about me, it’d be a different story. I wouldn’t stand for any of that, I’d be straight back on it.‘ Selena responded: ’I think she [Lorde] is super talented and I think it’s awesome. But I think at the same time that feminism and that specific thing is very sensitive because in my opinion it’s not feminism if you’re tearing down another artist.’ Cher added: ‘I probably would have used foul language.’

Lorde pictured performing at The Zoo in Brisbane.


  • Josie

    sorry but Cher lloyd is just as bad because just after she won the xfactor she started slamming Cheryl Cole about not singing live so shes quite a hypocrite

  • myDestiny

    Selena…’oh well I really like Lorde even tho she doesn’t like me’….’oh I’ve shown Lorde support by playing her songs’ but now I’ve stopped becos she hates me…’oh she’s only 16…I know when I was tht age…I was immature’…all backhanded compliments that shows she’s super childish when it comes to someone critiquing a msg in her music tht she didn’t even write…took it personally now all you hear is Lorde doesn’t like me….grow up….you stupid twat…i bet if and when you do meet you’ll get on great…if you can get over you’re own ego tht is.

  • Monster Fortynine

    Wow I’m starting to really dislike both Selena Gomez and Cher. Lorde was just being brave speaking out her opinion.