Danielle Jonas FAKE PREGNANCY?


Via Blind Gossip: Danielle Jonas of reality show Married to Jonas is NOT pregnant. She never WAS pregnant. The entire pregnancy was a lie from the very beginning! Why fake a pregnancy? They planned the fake pregnancy for two major reasons: to give them a significant story line in their reality show to increase weak ratings; and to increase interest and sales of the Jonas Brothers’ music.

Kevin and Danielle and the rest of the Jonas family were accepting gifts, selling apps to give fans exclusive access to the fake gender announcement, and giving interviews to try to increase interest in the reality show and the now-canceled Jonas Brothers tour and album.

To further perpetuate this scam, Danielle and Kevin bought a series of five fake pregnancy bellies from a company called Moon Bump (makers of fake prosthetic bellies for the television and film industry) in May 2013.

Unable to procure an adopted child for the fake birth, they decided to announce a tragic miscarriage just as the band began their fall tour and released their album. They believed that you would feel sorry for them and would want to support them by buying their stuff and watching their show. But now the Jonas Brothers tour is off, the album is canceled, and we’ve exposed this lie. So what are they going to do?

Well, they have been tossing around the following options in the past week: They could say that the miscarriage recently occurred as a result of the stress of the current situation (Let’s all blame Joe’s drug addiction!); They could go ahead with the planned baby shower next month, and then have a dramatic miscarriage happen just as the shower is supposed to take place; They could take it all the way to the fake due date in January, and announce that the baby was stillborn; or they could do something in-between. Only one thing is certain for right now: this baby will never happen.

Every single member of the Jonas and Deleasa families were in on this lie from the very beginning. Every interview that Kevin and Danielle and Joe and Nick gave talking about how excited they were to be parents and uncles was a lie.By the way, the stillborn scenario was Papa Jonas’ preference, as he wanted them to milk this story line for as long as possible. Album sales! Concert ticket sales! Apps! TV ratings! Money, money, money!

The Jonas Brothers have been silent for the past week about the Joe Jonas drug story (which we also broke), and have just pulled down their Twitter account. They knew that they we were about to out them for this horrific pregnancy lie and are in panic mode. They are trying to spin this with E! and Radar and Star and National Enquirer and People and a bunch of other “celebrity-friendly” outlets. They have been lying, spinning, begging, and threatening for the past week. It will be interesting to hear what other media sources will report about the baby while the family goes into hiding.

Also involved in this sham: Ryan Seacrest. He produces Married to Jonas, along with all of the Kardashian reality shows. The ratings for the ‘Married to Jonas’ have been weak. Ryan likes to think of himself as a one-man entertainment dynasty who creates quality programming. The truth is that his reality shows have very little relation to reality. He makes money from producing shows with scripted story lines and getting viewers caught up in a lot of phony drama. But faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage/stillbirth for ratings and money is a new low. Shame on all of those who participated in this fiasco.