Ellen ‘Give Miley Cyrus A BREAK!’

Ellen DeGeneres on Miley Cyrus: ‘I like Miley. Miley is somebody that has been on the show for awhile now; I’ve watched her grow up and change, and I think she’s gonna continue to grow up and change, and this is who she is right now as a 20 year old girl. She has been in this business since she was very young,

has had tons of attention since she was very young, she knows nothing other than this. And I think it’s really easy to sit back and judge somebody who is doing what she’s doing. And she’s, you know, you can love her or hate her right now, and it doesn’t mean that’s who she is forever, it’s just who she is right now. What is wrong, so wrong about her?

I understand her performance was provocative for the MTV music awards, but that’s, you know, I mean, Madonna was rolling around in a wedding dress singling Like A Virgin, you know? And I think that what I like about Miley is she’s honest,

And there are not a lot of people in this business that you can sit down and look at them during an interview and know they’re being authentic and honest and true to themselves. Somebody comes out here and they present themselves a certain way, but I know when they leave here, that’s not who they are.

And I respect somebody that’s gonna be honest about who they are more than somebody who pretends to be somebody else, and I know the reality of who they are. Plus, she has a great voice, she can sing, she’s talented, so you know, give the girl a break, she’s 20 years old. But yeah, people really uh she’s polarizing, and I don’t shy away from that, because I think that’s good television.’