Source dished to HEAT: ‘Harry suffers from terrible homesickness & exhaustion towards the end of a tour. He often wakes his personal trainer Mark in the middle of the night because he’s so lonely that he’d prefer them to work out together than be on his own.

Harry prefers being away from his bandmates when the group have some time off and is so desperate to see some familiar faces, that he is flying his father Des and sister Gemma out to join him in Australia so he has more company on the road. He wants people to chill with away from the band.';

Harry stays with Nick Grimshaw when he’s in London because he hates being alone in his own house, and that he stayed over during London Fashion Week: ‘Harry may have splashed the cash on his house, but if no one’s sleeping over he hates staying there.

It’s depressing for him having the whole place to himself. He’s used to having his bandmates around because they’re normally flying all over the world, staying in hotels. So when he has free time in London, he now heads over to Nick’s place.”

In a radio interview, Harry was asked other than his sister and mother, ‘who is the most beautiful woman in the world?’ to which Harry answered, ‘Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, probably. It’s her face..’