Swift ‘I Channel Jealousy Into Inspiration’


Taylor Swift told In Style: ‘I’m a bit allergic to cynics, those people who don’t believe something is real unless they see it. My favorite things to believe in are things you can’t see or immediately prove. I feel jealousy, but I’ve been trying to channel it into mutual admiration and inspiration. If someone has a really great life or a really great boyfriend or career, I think, it’s cool that happens. Now I have proof it can happen. Maybe that’s out there for me someday. ‘On the whole, I’m cool with myself. But on bad days, I can be insecure about every single thing.’

Everything has been dissected by a blog writer or a 14-year-old girl on a comments page who says something really terrible. I’m kind of happy being insecure.’ Best relationship advice you’ve given to a friend: ‘Actually, I think you have to know that whatever advice you give, they may not take it. The priority should be on keeping the friendship rather than giving the best advice.

Your best advice is usually, ‘Walk away from him! Tell him you never want to see him again!’ But if you are dealing with someone still in love, nothing you say can change their feelings. All you can do is be there for them and pick them up every time they get hurt. Until, that is, they are ready to move on for themselves.’

Fashion style she tries to avoid: ‘Pencil skirts. It’s a weird look for me.’ What life will look like at 30: “I envision a lot of coziness and warmth. I don’t know where I stand on family and kids right now because I can’t picture things without all the pieces of the puzzle. I don’t even have a semblance of an idea of a boyfriend right now. I don’t even have a mental daydream of who he would be. And who that person is determines what the rest of the puzzle looks like.’

Last time she cried: ‘Have you ever seen that commercial for Dawn with the baby ducks with oil all over them from a spill, and they get baths using Dawn? And then they are set free? And they do the same thing with some otters. I cried hysterically!’ Last time she was blissfully happy: ‘The other day. I was with friends, paddle boarding out in a harbor. We were laying out on our boards and talking. It was a beautiful day.’