Selena Gomez ‘I Think Sexy Is Classy’

Via AnythingDiz. Selena Gomez ‘Who Says’ speech on Oct. 16: ‘This is my favorite part of touring, it’s being able to be with you guys, and thank you. I just wanna thank you for one thing and it’s that you trust me. And that means so much to me. You trust me, the girls my age trust me, the parents trust me, the kids trust me.

You guys trust me and I don’t take advantage of that, thank you so much. I have to say that you guys are so honest with me, that you share everything that you go through. And I kinda feel that it’s the same thing that you guys deal with.

All of these people that are telling you how to live your life or how good you are or.. you know, people tell me all the time that I am not sexy enough or I’m not cool enough. Or I would be cool if I did this. But can I say one thing? One thing that I think is sexy is class (*pause*).

And there is nothing wrong with that. You guys are beautiful each and every one of you exactly how you are. Don’t let anybody tell you that, no one. (*pause*) All these people, who really says that? (*starts singing Who Says*)”.