Siva ‘Nathan & Ariana Will Struggle’

The Wanted bandmate, Siva Kaneswaran tells OMG! Yahoo about his opinion on his fellow band member Nathan Sykes relationship with Ariana Grande. Siva: “‘In terms of them struggling- it’s because they’re brand new. I think that’s actually a struggle right now, they know how hard it is in the beginning. It’s going to be hard, they need to focus on each other… I’ve only met her once or twice backstage, she’s very polite and nice. As long as she suits him well, it’s not always about how she gets on with everyone else. As long as they get on well then that’s the main thing.”

Siva has been with his girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey for six years, throughout touring, saying: ”I know all the shortcuts now, but they’ll have to learn all that. I’ve been with my girlfriend for six years now and we’re really, really happy. We’ve sorted out priorities out. Every relationship’s different, we just have to keep it consistent.”