Lorde ‘I Bought A Queen Sized Bed’


Lorde, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, 16, revealed to Kyle & Jackie O that she got food poisoning while performing in Brisbane: ‘This was the worst thing ever! Before I went on stage I hurled and it was gross, but I thought, ‘I’ve just got to get through this show.’ And I got through, it but halfway through the last song I just could not stay anymore. I dropped the mic and ran off stage and had to vomit into a bin. It was so gross, but I fully felt like a rockstar.’

On her newfound fame and wealth: ‘My dad has control of my bank account. I wouldn’t be good at being super lavish. actually bought a queen-size bed the other day. [My parents] were like, ‘If you want this you have to buy it.’ It’s good, I haven’t been looking back! My mom’s been travelling with me. Oh man, my mom is the coolest, she’s a dude. She’s a mom, but a cool one.’