Perrie Edwards ‘My Haters Are Overweight’


Perrie Edwards: ‘I wouldn’t say we’re feminists: we don’t hate our men. Everyone loves boys. We’re just very passionate about girls sticking together and the sisterhood of things. Girls go through a lot more than men, such as periods, and it’s better to stick together instead of bitching and hating. We’re a stronger force.

On haters: You just learn to ignore the bad things, really, because the people who are slating you on the internet are probably massively overweight with hairy pits, smelling of BO. Do you know what I mean? They’re doing it to make themselves feel better.

I love doing a trip to Tesco,’ says Perrie. ‘I find it funny when people get really shocked that I’m in there because I’m like, ‘Well, how am I meant to eat?’ It’s a fun day out for me because I never have time to do anything.’

  • pond

    feminism doesn’t mean you hate men…

    • Amy

      This is totally irrelevant, but I love your picture. Matt Smith :)