Selena Gomez, ‘I’m Not Sexy Enough’

LISTEN to Selena Gomez‘s inspirational speech about not dressing whorish.

+ UPDATED with phenomenal Hershey, PA pictures! INTERVIEW HERE: Selena revealed that she is getting into acting again next year! ‘Emblem3 is more high maintenance than me’. ‘I’ve been to Demi’s show, I’ve been to three of Taylor’s.’

  • cerenagee

    I love Selena. She knows how to be sexy without being a tramp and she loves her fans. I love it!!!

    • Porte

      She the least person to talk about class because well she isn’t classy, she just dont get a lot of attention for her unclassy things because she not famous enought

      • cerenagee

        HAHAHAHA that site is such bs!!! Most of it is not even Selena’s posts and one of the pictures of her wasted is on her bday! DUHHH what normal girl isn’t wasted on her 21st birthday?!! hahaha and Omg selena posts pics of herself getting wasted. Bitch swerve, posting a god damn picture of a glass of wine is not posting pics of herself getting wasted hahahahahaha omgggg.

  • Jenny Rosario

    Selena Gomez I love u more & always care about
    I’m a biggest fan

  • lina

    Srsly she wears the shortest stuff and her bra is always shown then she talks about not dressing whorish Wtf!