Zendaya On Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas

Zendaya told MTV about the success of her song ‘Replay': I don’t expect that kind of reaction, you don’t think about that. I just want people to enjoy it, so the fact that it’s starting to pick up speed and people are not just watching it, but truly are enjoying it and appreciating it means a lot to me.

I definitely get to showcase who I am as an artist and people are getting to see that and my fans get to take a little bit of me with them. They can truly relate to the songs and understand the songs and I wanted it all to be very representational of who I am as an artist and who I am as a person.’

On working with Nick Jonas: ‘I knew Paul ‘Famous’, who did ‘Replay,’ and he did a few other songs on my album. And he had brought that song to me and he was like, ‘Me and Nick did this song,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, I love it. Thank you! We never actually met. I have tweeted him and talked to him over Twitter and talked to him through Paul. But I haven’t been like, ‘Hey, thank you,’ which is funny, but I think we came out with a great song, and I’m very lucky to have him on it.’

On Miley: ‘I like Miley, I do. And I like her new music I honestly do.. but hey I’m a little different from her in some ways.. She’s still very talented and has a beautiful voice so that’s the positive.’