eiza-mocks-miley-2WHAT A BITCH! Eiza Gonzalez, who had sex with Liam Hemsworth breaking up Miam, mocked Miley Cyrus’ VMA costume while Halloween costume shopping in Hollywood, California on October 24, 2013. She ended up buying a skimpy Pocahantas getup. Miley should punch her! Photo: FameFlynet.

  • Amy

    I’m starting to wonder if 5 year-olds run ocean up. These descriptions are getting childish. “WHAT A BITCH!” and “Miley should punch her!”. That sounds like professional, objective, journalism right there.

  • anon

    But Liam cheated on Miley with January Jones before he even knew Eiza, so she had nothing to do with a relationship that Liam himself ruined.

  • Oceanup

    I think Eliza is being immature. I mean Liam chose you honey! Miley did nothing to you. So be mature and don’t pose I front of her costume.

  • Oceanup


  • alegomezbc

    I think that she only wants publicity and you all seem to be giving it ;c’mon any publicity in a foreign country wheter its good or bad is publicity .

  • So she got a skimpy Pocahontas costume?

  • FAKE

    How is this mocking her though? Couldn’t she just be caught at the wrong time. If this was meant to mock her Eiza needs to make it more clear.. & oceanup needs to have some education and respect. You do not call someone out a “bitch”. How unprofessional!

  • wjh

    OU, you should have some celebrities links like Perez Hilton has, not just the hot uppers.

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