Exclusive... Joe Jonas Out For Lunch At Cheebo

Joe Jonas out for lunch at Cheebo in Hollywood, CA on Oct. 24. FameFlynet

  • aaa

    that outfit looks like workout clothes

  • anon

    So weird that he was only in NYC for less than a day.

    Everyone thought Nick was in LA too but he’s still in NYC He will probably be heading to Russia before too long to meet up with Olivia.

    And Kevin never came back from LA, so he’s still out there. It doesn’t seem like they are doing much of anything to discuss the band or get the new music out there anymore. :(

    • Anonom

      How do you know all this stuff? Do you stalk them or something

      • anon

        No, it’s called seeing what people retweet on Twitter. And understanding how maps and time work. And knowing how to read. There were pap pics all over Twitter of Joe arriving a day ago in NYC, so if he is now in LA, he wasn’t in NYC for more than a day. There were pap pics of Kevin in LA on Twitter that same day so he can’t be all the way across the country in Jersey. And that girl met Nick this morning in NYC and posted it on Twitter.

        Amazing what you can find out when you read.

        • Anonom

          Fuck you, what are you saying. just because I don’t stalk them or paps on twitter.

    • anon

      idek what’s going on anymore, but i like joe’s hair and i always loved nick’s buzz cut. Just wish they’d tell us whats going on? They cancelled a whole tour and they havent told anything about it, you know people are dissapointment. It’s been three weeks.

      • anon

        If they’re all going solo then okay, but at least tell us, dont leave us in the dark you know. I want a Rob Knoxx feat Joe 2.0 anyways.

  • fhtft

    wow i love him so much

  • anon

    Joe cut his hair, he looks good!

    • Anonom

      It looks like its brushed, not cut.

      • anon

        No, he did cut it, he trimmed the sides and the top.

  • I used be your fan

    I lost respect for him. Joe changed a lot and for worse, he became unprofessional because of the bad influence. Damn, Joe was talented but now his career isn’t going anywhere more than promoting famewhores .

  • JJ456

    Wasn’t he just in NY two seconds ago? and with two huge suitcases, lol? He looks good and yes, he does look like he cut his hair :(