• Jenn

    I think asking that to them is really rude, if they’re together or not shouldn’t be anybody’s business.

  • March

    Most fans believe what comes from the boys mouths, but some people still don’t want to abandon the fantasies they’ve created…

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      It’s not really a fantasy when the evidence is uncanny tho… like all the physical touchy interactions (hand holding, stare-downs, past flirtatious tweets, etc etc)

      • March

        My guy friends play around like that too. It’s just a sign of them being comfortable with each other and their sexuality. It’s really common and normal. I hug and hold hands with my best friends too.

  • Rosemary

    lmao @ harry’s face in the first gif

  • Rosemary

    it was, however, rude of them to ask when they have already answered that question before.

  • Clauber

    Ups! They are a cute couple (: lol

  • britt

    its so annoying! like stfu
    I honestly could care less if They are apparently together it won’t change anything like who cares focus on your life and not other peoples…

    some people don’t realise that where their from all the guys basically act like the way harry and Louis do its honestly how all the guys act around other guys its not a big deal to them…
    haha just my opinion though

  • boystan

    liam is so cute ugh

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I feel like Liam is OVER compensating WAYYY too much in this video during that Larry question. Clearly, Harry is not very good with this subject. It is awkward to be posed something like that, but SERIOUSLY if it wasnt true (or partially true) it wouldnt be awkward he could just laugh it off instead of coming across as uncomfortable.

    • anony

      just talking from my experience

      me and my bestfriends are really really close that people thought we were lesbians, and we felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable when people point that out, when we’re straight and just really close friends

    • anony

      and of course, we thought at first it was funny and we just brushed it off

      but then they kept doing that until it came to the point when they were like “oh hey there’s a hot guy, but you wouldn’t like him”

      it hurts you know? probably the same goes to harry and louis, you don’t know how they truly feel. whenever there’s a rumor going around about them dating a girl directioners be like, “harry’s dating cara? honey he gay” like idk but yeah