Miley ‘Society Wants To Shut Me Down’

Miley Cyrus graces the December Cosmopolitan issue which hits newsstands November 5th. Is this the most insane year of your life so far? ‘Everything is so chaotic and crazy right now and it’s so much all at once, but I’m living for it. I’m just having the best time ever and everything’s falling into place like it’s supposed to. Even people who want to hate on me, they can’t even shut down the fact that I’m literally what everyone is talking about. I don’t want to say that I’m on top right now, I feel like I’m kind of an underdog in a cool way. It’s almost punk rock to like me because it’s not the right thing to do. Like, society wants to shut me down.’

On her shocking VMA performance: ‘When people started complaining about the awards show, I was like, ‘Have you never seen the fucking video?’ And what if I hadn’t done that performance? The VMAs would have been bad. They would have been missing something. The show was kind of making fun of how serious the pop industry is.’ How did you feel about the celebrities who dissed your VMAs performance? ‘I don’t really care. I think everyone would have given anything to be me at that moment, because I was being one hundred percent true to myself…and not many people can say that. At the end of the day, I would say I’m a nice person, and I take pride in the fact that I treat everyone really well, so there’s no reason for anyone to ever come at me because I only want the best for everybody else. I have a song that’s like, ‘Stay in your lane,’ because I’m not going to be you and you’re definitely not going to be me, so don’t throw shade. I don’t ever throw shade at anyone.‘ FULL UNDER!

What about the celebs who are on Team Miley? ‘The support of other artists is important because there are not many people who can relate to what I’m going through right now. Kanye West is one of those people, and even Katy Perry has been so cool. It’s easy for Kanye to support me because we’re in totally separate lanes of competition, but for Katy to say that she appreciates what I’m really doing for the pop industry, that keeps you going. And I mean, who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you’re the shit?” This is the first time you’ve been single in years. How are you dealing with that? ‘I need to treat my music like a relationship, give it my time and all the attention it deserves – and that’s my main love right now. This is the best time of my life. I’m not going to look back on it and be like, ‘I wish I hadn’t been dwelling over a breakup,’ you know? Because that’s not what God wants my life to be about right now. God wants my life to be about being successful and being happy and blessing other people and being blessed.’

  • koko

    She looks great and I think she is cool nice good person

  • lala

    She looks good!

  • Anon

    She’s so arrogant its sick. No Miley, I would not have even given shit to be you at that moment at the VMAs. And lol, she has thrown shade at people before, so I’m not sure why she’s claiming she hasn’t.

  • lol

    Honestly her arrogant attitude is too much. Glad I’m not the only one who feels she’s arrogant. Ty commenter before me. Smh

    • leggoofmahmeggo

      Yeah. I don’t like how she acts like she’s changing the world and we should all bow down. If she didn’t give me that attitude, I wouldn’t mind her. That’s what makes me dislike her.

    • Anon

      I actually thought I would get attacked for that comment, but glad to know someone agrees with me. She keeps going on as if its her against the world and she’s conquering it, but in reality, people are talking about her for all the wrong reasons, not even about her music which she claims to care about and love oh so much. And Bangerz was the worst autotuned crap I’ve heard in a while tbh

      • leggoofmahmeggo

        Exactly. You don’t hear, ‘did you hear Miley’s new song? It was awesome!’ You hear, “Did you see the new Miley video, I saw her whole vagina!’ Everyone is watching her for the next crazy stunt. I hope she cools down and really looks at herself.

  • whatsup

    “And I mean, who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you’re the shit?”.
    Seriously, I feel like ALL THE TIME she needs something to justify her behavior, “Oh many celebs dissed me, but oh, Kanye West said I’m the shit SO I’M THE SHIT!”. Kanye West is not God, Miley, there are many people who dislike him and not everything he says is the universal truth. And then “Without my performance the VMA’s would’ve been bad”. Please, stop! You know deep down you’re so wrong, Miley, you just don’t want to admit it, so you keep self-affirming and making excuses for your behavior!

    • PshPlease

      Kanye west is such a douchebag his ‘approval’ isnt one that you want … what does that say about you? lmao let her keep thinking she MADE the vma’s lol if anything she made them terrible.

  • PshPlease

    I highly doubt anyone wanted to be her. she looked a mess. she needs to stop being so arrogant with that shit. No one liked it. no one thought it was cool or punk rock it looked terrible. & she doesnt throw shade? really? did we suddently forget all the shade she has thrown at selena over the years? the video with mandy, the whole ‘flame’ thing with justin, or when demi and her posted that picture saying thats what real friendship was… clearly in all throwing shade.. but she doesnt remember that though huh lol

    • Anon

      Lol exactly, lets also not forget the time she shaded Taylor with that (false) picture she retweeted from that e news guy. And the sad thing is both Taylor and Selena have said nice things about her since the vma performance.

  • LMAO

    LOL so pathetic how hard she’s trying to make it seem like she’s some badass and desperate she is/looks.

    i wonder if she has someone travel with her who tells her what things to say that will make her sound like she’s black. or if that’s just what her lack of an education did for her :)

    • Ann

      “lack of education” lolz! so true sadly

      she doesnt help the stereotype that people from the south are dumb hicks, thats for sure :(

    • .

      “sound like she’s black. or if that’s just what her lack of an education did for her. ”

      She sounds like an arrogant asshole not black!

      Stop saying she’s talking and acting black because she isn’t. Stereotyping is a form of racism.

      • Hugs Not Drugs :)

        um, did you read the same interview as everyone else?
        not saying it in a bad way, but its a FACT that people can “talk black” by the phrasing of words, mannerisms, etc.
        and what she says in the interview IS in fact talking black.


        • actually

          Actually no, you can’t “talk black”. There are many different black people with many different cultures. There are black people in Africa, Italy, Puerto Rico, Wyoming,Detroit-all over the world. To say you can “talk black” is generalizing a lot of people that are all very different. Are there words and dialects that are synonymous with parts of black culture? Certainly. But overall there’s no one specific way all or most black people speak. Though we’re often stereotyped into one way of speaking, acting, ect. and when we differ from that we’re often seen as “fake” or as “talking white” and many other ignorant things.

        • .

          No, you wrote it in a bad way and you meant it as well. You can’t talk like a race though you can pick up ones mannerisms which is mostly about your environment. There are plenty of non-black people that talk what you call “talking black” but urban because of where they are from.

          Miley is talking in broken English and just simply being arrogant. If that’s your interpretation of what “talking black” is then I’ve truly wasted my time typing this because it’s clear you aren’t a tolerable person.

          And you’re right there is nothing to be sorry about, your ignorance will fuck you over in life.

          :) Thanks for your unnecessary input.

  • MsFleri

    There is always going to be hate when a woman does whatever the fuck she wants, i think she is dealing with it just fine.

    • PshPlease

      false. There is no hate because she is doing whatever she wants. There’s disappointment at the fact that she chose to go down a BAD road and then act as though she is the holy grail of POP music and everyone wants to be her. Thats where the ‘hate’ comes from which i doubt its hate… at least not from my side. If she stuck to REAL music she WOULD be someone everyone wanted to be.. but right now… she’s mediocre and acting as though she is on top of the world.

  • true

    So where are her so called fans defending her here? Oh wait there’s nothing to defend. Because Miley may be talented and successful but she is undeniably cocky, arrogant and self righteous. I don’t even really care about what she wears or how she performs anymore but what really ticks me off is her bad attitude towards everyone. She isn’t the queen, she’s just the butt of everyone’s joke and a topic of conversation. It’s not even about the music anymore when half the time people talk about her to criticise her instead of praising her talent. P.S. Bangerz is definitely one of her worst, trying hard, badly auto tuned album to date so her and her fans can just sit back down cause this album for sure ain’t grammy worthy or award worthy in general.

  • Silver

    I really never thought she would make me lol so much.

  • :)

    Once again, people all hot and bothered by what she says, lmfao!!!!!! Y’all should spend time living your own life instead of reading up on Miley’s.

    If you don’t like what she says or what she does, why are you here?

    I lover her arrogance and cockiness and damn she’s looking hot!!!

    • LOLZ

      LMFAO your comment made no sense. FAIL.

      “Y’all should spend time living your own life instead of reading up on Miley’s.

      If you don’t like what she says or what she does, why are you here?”

      so wait, if you dont like what she says or does, you shouldnt be on here ‘reading up on her life’?? But if you DO approve of her being a white trash skank, then it’s okay?
      lmao what an idiot.
      no wonder you’re clearly a fan of a drug addict slut.

  • mhm

    I really like this cover, I actually think its way better than her other Cosmopolitan cover from February.