Paris Hilton Miley Cyrus VMA Costume

Paris Hilton Attends Halloween Party in Hollywood
Paris Hilton went out last night dressed as Miley Cyrus’s VMA costume at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Who WHORE it better?! Miley or Paris?

  • f3

    Miley of course!

  • Bs


  • Brittany

    PARIS DID :)

  • MsFleri

    This costume is part of pop culture now, and of course miley wore it best.

  • A.U.

    She just needs one more thing to add on….her tongue should stick out.

    • anon

      She actually does have a pic where she stuck her tongue out. It may be where I saw it. Anywho, she pulled this off I guess.

  • kokio

    That crazy spoiled bitch is still alive ! Never liked her and srsly that outfit is normal .lady gaga rihanna britney..etc they all weae not just miley to call her a whore! Even your baby selena wore smth close to it

  • Smh

    one slut just copying off another!

  • :-)

    at least paris has boobs and an ass (somewhat) to fill out the outfit.
    unlike slutty cyrus and her flat ass and mosquite-bite-sized boobs lollol

    • lols

      Paris did a boob job, lmao, so no she never had boobs neither an ass.

      • :)

        “never had boobs” …… ????

        you’re saying she had a boob job. meaning she wouldnt have had boobs BEFORE, but also meaning that she does NOW.
        so that made no sense.

        sorry, not everyone keeps up with plastic surgery of the skanks of the world. LOLZZ

  • boystan

    lmao slay

  • pily

    Well..her body is better than miley

  • yay

    LOL this is srsly one of the hottest Halloween costumes this year, I love how everyone has been wearing this costume and it makes me smile and laugh, I’ve seen many people on instagram, twitter, and facebook wearing or having it. I even saw a guy in downtown over the weekend dressed as the foam finger. Who woulda thunk Miley had a big impact…