Selena Thinks Miley’s Making A Mistake

selena-gomez-miley-cyrusAn insider told Perez Hilton: ‘Selena would never come right out and trash Miley, but she does think Miley’s making a mistake by being so raunchy. [Selena] thinks it’s bad for women in general but also for her as an artist because it puts out the expectation that she should do that too because sex sells.‘ Selena recently said in an interview that she wouldn’t go naked in a video like Miley: ‘To each their own.’


  • XaskTaylorX

    I’m just curious… Is that real or photoshopped? Looks photoshopped, but if real. Okay then!

    • Rosemary

      i love the picture but it’s photoshopped

  • lol

    its photoshop

  • Minymax

    Yeah because Selena is the expert right? Who selling more? Who goes to high numbers, who the better performer,who the better singer,who has better stage presence,who owns the stage,who knows how to play instrument,who the one who writes songs,who makes everything go to number one,and who breaks records oh yeah that’s ! Right miley not Selena,Selena is just bitter she can’t accomplish what miley does!

    • Kat

      Oh.. I thought the answer was Taylor… Whose doing better than both of them combined, and is the queen of modest.

      • Port

        The queen of modest, you people as so naive, just because Taylor doesn’t have a body or ass to show off doesn’t mean that she hasn’t wored what miley has wored on stage, modest when Taylor has dated almost all the guys in her age range while miley has been the one who has been modest in the dating department,clothes don’t make you who you are, Tham you people are something. Taylor wears supper shorts and super short dresses, and she wears see thru bra shirts, the different is Taylor is a hypocrite and actor,just like Selena, while miley tell the media off and she don’t play by anyone rules

        • oh

          1.She’s dated 6 guys.
          2.”super shorts” Miley wore thongs on stage stfu.
          3. Taylor wears a fabric similar to her skin so her ‘see through bra shirt’ isn’t see through, you’re seeing a skin-colored fabric.

          If you’re gonna try to be smart at least get your facts straight.

          • Pr

            Taylor has dated more guys than 6.

            The point is Taylor has wored short short on stage and Taylor wored bikiny on her video, we saw as much skin on miley in the video that we saw on Taylor.

            When miley wored see thru shirt she had a bra too and you all call her a slut but for Selena and Taylor you guys make excuses, double standards all the time.

            Taylor had has more partner sexually than miley has not to mention those relationships are short lived.

            At least miley don’t try to justify who she is and she claim she comfortable i her own skin, at least miley don’t try to shade other people all the time like Taylor who plays the victim

            Miley has better vocal range than Taylor

            Come on Taylor and Selena are hypocrites they have an image they play are they really like that nope, as you can see from Taylor song and Selena talking shit about miley they both clearly jelouse of miley. Taylor because miley has the respect of other artist while other go on stage and disses Taylor on stage, lets be realistic miley song are a lot more mature than Taylor teen songs.
            And Selena sing about sex yet claim she classy I started laughting at that one.

          • cassis

            At least Taylor actually writes all of the music that she sings and is the only one who’s earned multiple Grammy for it. And no one knows who Taylor has been with sexually except her. So don’t make assumptions. If Taylor has dated SO many guys, can you even legitly name them all? Other than the guys she is seen talking to on red carpets, having lunch, or co starred in movies with? How many guys do you see her kissing and holding hands in public with? Exactly.

            Maybe the reason Taylor doesn’t have great long relationships is because she has an amazing career and that’s what she puts all of her focus on. That’s why her career is better than the other 90% of the artists in the industry. She has priorities. While Miley’s clubbing and complaining of boredom, Taylor’s been hitting the gym and dance rehearsals every single day since she’s gotten back from South Africa filming a movie.

            Don’t even try to compare Taylor & Miley’s modesty. That’s just ridiculous.

          • mountainmiracle

            All you miley fans are delusional. Yall believe Taylor has been with so many guys based on what the media says. So if you believe what they say then Miley has cheated on Liam and is currently in a sexual relationship with three different guys. And yes Taylor has worn short short but they don’t show anything! Miley goes around in her underwear and thongs. Miley is the biggest hypocrite of all! She’s constantly going against what she says in interviews. And yes Selena is classy she may show some skin on stage and sing about sex but she leaves a lil something to the imagination and doesn’t come straight out and sing about sex and drugs, and partying (like miley does) and that IS class.

        • Kat

          No, I’m pretty sure Taylor hasn’t worn the things Miley has. You can’t even find a picture of Taylor in a midriff baring top other than a bikini. Compared to Miley’s photo with her pussy hanging out. If Taylor’s biggest moments were wearing shorts, dresses, and a bra, then she really is a nun compared to her Gaga showing up in g strings, and Miley wearing Nipple pasties as a casual outfit.
          Miley is also three years younger and has dated practically the same amount of guys as Taylor, they’re just not as famous so she doesn’t get the same attention. Nick Jonas, Thomas Sturges, Avan Jogia, Justin Gaston, Joshua Bowman, & Liam. She acts like the biggest slut and doesn’t care about how it affects her younger audience who helped build her career. That’s nothing to be proud of.

          At least someone in the industry doesn’t have to use shock factor to entice people to pay attention to them.

          • Lop

            Taylor music doesn’t go with the type of music miley sings, Taylor is country while miley isn’t, why are you bringing Taylor she older than miley and Taylor has wored short, short on stage but as you can see she pretty flat, Taylor don’t show her body in which she does because she wears what miley wear, but she don’t have the body for it so it doesn’t bring much attention. Also Taylor dont show as much as mi,ey there is nothing there to show, Taylor feature is her eyes and face not the body, miley well she has the entire package why not used.

          • jfc

            it’s completely normal for a person to wear hot shorts, it’s not something that taylor wears exclusively, or a trend that taylor has started. and don’t even compare try to compare the way each one of them dresses, because they dress completely differently. taylor dresses very modestly, while miley dresses in very revealing clothes, purposely. also, they both fall into the pop category, and will forever be compared to each other. and speaking body-wise, at least taylor doesn’t need to get a boob job to feel feminine.

          • mountainmiracle

            Miley has no body. get some glasses.

          • lols

            Actually she had a really nice body before. I even remember when she said that her managers used to tell her to take care with what she wears because she was voluptuous. People like Taylor and Selena who’re not voluptuous don’t need to hide much, since they have nothing:

            Now I think she’s becoming anorexic, tho.

      • :)

        We’re not talking about taylor are we. Sit down bitch!!!!!

        • Kat

          obviously we are now, so stfu bitch.

          • :)

            LMFAO, so childish!!!!!! Hugs and kisses sweetie!!

      • Anon

        HAHA BEST COMMENT EVER. You deserve an award my friend, Taylor probably has a grammy to spare.

  • RegReach

    she didnt even get naked in spring breakers it was a stunt double that puss

  • jt

    Selena sucked in Spring Breakers, and she was bad in Getaway and she can’t sing really well and doesn’t have much of a vocal range. BUT…she plays Alex Russo very well. So,,,,, she;s the one giving career advice to Miley? lol

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Let’s jump to conclusions because this insider source is obviously reliable.

  • Rosemary

    i agree completely with whoever wrote this. it’s sad how Miley’s representing us but it is HER life. we can’t do anything about it

  • xcfdghfdgh

    lets just sit back and wait for Hilary Duff to come bacl

  • Pp

    Oh so Selena the queen of flop want to tell miley who to run her winning career lol, anyone find this hilarious, she wants miley to become as boring as her on interview, anyone heard her interviews all Selena interviews are the same, I think they give the reporters the question every were Selena goes is the samething what makes stay classy, Selena made that question funny because she copies all of miley clothes, in all sLena interviews are the same exact question what will you choose between actress and singing? Come on her pr is giving them the same question how come miley get different question? As Selena is always the same question pr team.pp Selena interviews put me to sleep, at least miley is different and exciting on interviews and for some strange reason she dont get ask the same stupid question like Selena interviews are”””,,,

  • Pl

    Someone who is failing at everything can not give advised to someone who is winning at everything, so Selena sit down.

  • Pl

    Even thought I love miley because she true to herself I do wish she will cover a little more because she is gorgeous. Selena on the other hand try the sexy route and fail, who is she to critized miley for doing the sexy route for years and she excel on it while Selena failed, and now she try to be the anti-miley to gain recognition tru Miley’s name in association,is Selena that desperate? This is clearly her doing so people will link her to miley since miley is kicking her flat ass. Kind of funny Selena trying to dress like miley on concert and then she want to claim class on interviews who buying that garbage? Not me, is clearly her team is the writing the question, because even Perez Selena faithful supporter even diss Selena saying on his site, why talk about class when you are wearing the samething ass miley!,,,,,,

    • mountainmiracle

      Miley took the sexy route when her album cant be tamed came out and she completely failed. Now she has taken the “let’s show everyone my pussy and get naked all the time so people will actually pay attention to me and buy my album” route. and I’ll admit it worked for her although her new album has gotten horrible reviews because she isn’t that talented.

      • yo

        Dear, Miley ALWAYS took the sexy route, since Time of Our Lives. Since then she made “sexy dances too sexy for her age” on tour and etc, and it always worked.

        • mountainmiracle

          So you’re basically saying she’s always been a slut? And the only way for her to be successful is to be a slut. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Port

    When everyone is dressing like you than we can talk Selena

    Make you make something you wear huge than you can talk

  • hmmm

    “An insider told Perez Hilton” how reliable. Nice try OU but you gotta sharpen your rumour digging skills. And of course the selena haters aka miley fans are so quick to believe this but when a headline says “Miley cheated” or “She’s pregnant” it’s complete bullshit right away. lol

  • javi g

    wow and insider told perez hilton. is it me or every gossip blogger is hearing voices in there heads these days. don’t get me wrong i like a good celebrity feud. but cmon. to some of the morons here if you say that miley sold more record than selena proly right any way i think some one here is right taylor will and always out sell that wannabe of miley. plus taylor has the hardware to prove it.

  • brit

    love reading peoples comments….Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…. its a insider its obvious won’t be true…

  • Silver

    If Selena and Miley were friends…. it would be epic.

    • Poetry

      Are you kidding miley gave Selena friendship and Selena backstabbed her.
      You think is right that Selena stole miley boyfriend,and flirted with nick while they were dating?
      You think is right Selena trying to act like the anti-miley so she can tap on miley fame by association?
      You think is right Selena talking bad about miley to all of miley friends
      You think is right for Selena to try to steal everything miley has
      You think is right that Selena steals al, of miley stle ideas and the claim she classy?
      Sorry who thinks Selena is a role model or classy they just stupid ,they don’t see Selena for who she really is sneaky,copycat,backstabber,jelouse envious,manipulative,bad role model by her action,
      And she is classless.selena is an actress she act like a puppet not like a lady

      You all Selena fans can claim names about mikey but at the end of the day miley is a better person than Selena and a good person

      Why will miley be friend with Selena when she has done all this to miley when miley was nice to her?

      • Silver

        Calm your tits.

  • Bs

    Everybody on here says only ‘at least shes not a flop like selena’
    Yeah. True. But at least selena doesnt needs to show her WHOLE damn body off to the world to get in the press.
    Theres the difference. Miley can only sell with being nude & taking drugs. Which is a shame and poor.

    • javi g

      don’t forget selena still fresh from disney and she still works for them with hollywood records and she has younger fans than miley. if she does an indie film her younger fan base would not understand the films. but if it is an anime where she provides the voice like she did in hotel transilvania kids will go in droves. she should make her career in family oriented films. thats just my view.

    • Minymax

      Selena try the sexy route but it didn’t really work for her, first she doesn’t have the body or the face, yes she cute as a little girl baby face, is not necessarily attractive as a woman, miley looks like a woman, Selena looks like a child which is why the sexy route is not working for her!

      Miley will had gone to number 1 regardless just because she has the entire package that Selena dont have.

      Miley can sing Selena can’t
      Miley can write her own song and has been doing it since childhood Selena can’t
      Miley can play instrument Selena can’t
      Miley knows beats Selena can’t even describe her song without including the word fun, half of the time she can’t even know what things are called while miley knows music.
      Miley knows what she wants Selena does what she is told like a puppet!
      Miley owns the stage Selena looks clue less and shy on stage .
      Miley creative stage and dances are a lot more creative than any of Selena stages.
      Miley perfect her craft while Selena just put a horrible record lyrically, miley songs are done as in a diary about the past couple of months.
      Miley records have been going to number 1 way before she started her sexy phase, so don’t bring that as an excuse, on why Selena try it and was no successful about.

      It’s all about the quality of the material at the end or the day,and miley work speaks for itself while Selena work she can’t even explain anything without each song been describe as fun, really no depth or work involved compare to mileys

      • mountainmiracle

        If Miley is so talented then why did her last album flop? The only reason bangerz went #1 is because of her acting like a complete whore.

        • Tr

          The last album didn’t flop it went to number one and may I remind you it made more money than Selena any of Selena think miley last album flop?selena star dance album made less than miley last album when it came down.

          I guess than Selena is a major flop.

          Miley has 5 number one album under the age of 21 she broke records every single album on miley has been number 1 you call that flop? Than I wonder what you think of Selena?

          • mountainmiracle

            Umm check your facts. Cant be tamed never went number 1. Plus I never said I was a fan of Selena.I know she’s not that good at signing but I respect her for not dressing and acting like a whore to get attention.

          • :)

            Do you even know what the word whore means? Look it up

        • :)

          HWR never did any promo for CBT. And the reason why Bangerz went #1 is because she got the promo from RCA and she’s not done yet, it’s also damn good fucking album. Sex sells baby but selena would know nothing about that because she don’t have what it takes.

    • Pro

      I don’t know why you people make a big deal out of miley been naked on her video did we see anything? It is more of the illusion because in reality we didn’t see anything we haven’t seen on Selena bikiny pictures, miley is number 1 because she works hard, Selena pr team and Selena are trying to link to miley name to gain fame which is pathetic and all time low for her, but then again she does anything for fame at least miley don’t play those tricks, and she rely on herself to get famous Andy her body not other people like Selena does and to me that classier than Selena claiming she is when her antics and morals are terrible.

    • Pro

      Not for nothing but Selena is a flop if you want to compare her to miley, she try miley route it didn’t work for her and she still trying, but she needs fame and her trying to gain fame by trying to linked into miley anti-miley and make people hate miley in the process is not a person I want to look up to. Selena is sneaky and anyone who doesn’t notice her game is just play dumb.

    • T

      Selena is not better than miley, but at least miley is on full of it like Selena who preaching class while doing the same as miley

      • hm

        what is this website proving..i believe the first sentence is saying she does make mistakes and keeps them to herself, so, being honest? all of those claims have no proof?

  • anon

    wow! Perez Hilton is stealing Hollywood Life news now? lol

  • :)

    SELENA WHO????????

    • Anon

      Gomez. Selena Gomez

      • :)

        Nooooo kidding! The queen of flop!

  • Rachyjb34

    Selena is wrong see Miley is her own person and can do whatever she wants and what she’s doing is her choice sure the drugs that is a bad thing but goin naked in a music video isn’t gonna kill someone like selena dresses half naked in her music videos so can’t say shit I think Miley is amazing everyone grows up and makes mistakes and they learn from those mistakes so miss selena don’t act like your miss perfect either I don’t hate selena but I don’t think she’s right about Miley .

    • let it be

      Or you don’t agree with “the insider”. just like miley can do what she wants so, can Selena. You people just hop on oppts to hate..and when did Selena try the Miley naked in videos and on stage humilating herself…Selena a fail, didn’t Selena win the VMA over Miley without whoring it up but, i am sure the VMA was rigged or paid for but, if Miley won Selena just sucks and Miley is genius. If Selena was such a great fail she wouldn’t continue working. Miley has had fails, too. EVERYONE has, so, Selena has THE GETAWAY and Miley had LOL. I think it is much harder to be a good person and role model then to just be bad. You don’t have to act like an a** to be real, lots of people are professional in interviews, If Selena gets asked the same questions is she suppose to change her answers, i am sure she is just as bored as you guys claim to be. Miley doesn’t claim to make mistakes, she just promotes Molly and smokes weed, Molly has killed lots of people, not very responsible to say it is a happy drug, not real to act like you are having sex on stage, it is disrespectful to yourself. I am 100% sure Selena has made mistakes as Taylor has but, why do they owe the public EVERY detail of their life. Mileys image to sale is Sex and Drugs, Taylor and Selenas is good girl, ALL have marketing strategies, neither better then the other. THEIR choices.

      • P

        Selena has been whoring up fr a while what are you smoking? Don’t make excuses the difference is the media don’t care to talk about Selena unless she attached to bieber or the anti-miley in which she dont do a great job because she dressing like miley.

        Don’t claim class when you wear what miley wears on stage, you twerk on stage and buddy dance on stage with your dancers,not mention she still with disney, miley left disney years ago, so she can do twerk and do what she want, miley is not the one preaching class but Selena does which is very hypocritical of her.

        • let it be

          I believe Selena wore that outfit before Miley, she wore it on her tour over seas and Miley wore it at I HEART radio after, for one. Have you seen the difference between the twerkin of these girls? I don’t count what Selena does as twerkin and she def does not dress half naked on stage RUBBING her butt on people, big difference. Who care why the media talks about her, THEY do, i am sure she would rather that then popping Molly and looking like a joke? You do remember Miley said she didn’t even know who Jay Z was when she sung PITUSA now she is rap queen? Name me one thing that Selena has done that is trashy and it has to be in the realms of Miley, preaching being trash is not admirable. Come and Get it is about as sexual as selena has ever been but, she has been whoring it up for awhile? and the comment all of Selenas movies are a fail. The only success Miley has was with Disney movies. Springbreakers was a success in the indie world just as a FYI and The getaway was the only true fail.but, like i said EVERYONE has fails. Selena hs worked with and continues to work with Oscar winners and nominees. Franco, Ethan Hawke, William H Macy (after Springbreakers), Felicity Huffman, Billy Cruddup so, someone believes in her.

          • :)

            Of course OU won’t post the recent pictures of selena on stage where she’s grinding on her dancers or sitting on a chair spread eagle or sitting on the stage with her legs in the air so you can see her ass. OU’s precious queen can do no wrong, lmao!!!!

            You can work with Oscar winners all you want that don’t mean dick.

          • let it be

            Why don’t you post them..and sorry, yes that means dick in the industry. THEY wouldn’t work with her if she sucked as your saying. Thats not a very good arguement. That is equal to me calling you stupid for having an opinion, not a good reason. So, if Oscars means nothing then Grammys don’t either so, don’t come on here praising Miley when that happens.

          • :)

            Watch me. And I’ll praise Miley whenever the fuck I want too.

            Working with Oscar winners is totally different from WINNING a Grammy.

          • let it be

            I never said she would win a grammy, i said working with a grammy artist. You can praise whoever you want but, so can other people praise who they want..why are you angry about my opinion? im not angry just debating

          • :)

            I’m not angry just venting. Not a very good day today. Sorry dude!

          • let it be

            No problem. Everyone has them

          • T


            Here and then we talk

          • hm

            what are we talking about exactly, a made up website with no rock solid proof of anything. She admits to making mistakes and keeping them to herself so, being honest?

      • :)

        All of selena’s movies have failed!!!!!!

        • hola

          Other then Monte Carlo there was gigantic successful actors co starring so, that means they are just as much fails. But, i am assuming it is only because of Selena they “failed”

          • :)

            Damn straight.

          • let it be

            So why did Mileys last movies fail, the other actors? What other movie then The Getaway failed and before you say SB, it was made on 2million and made over 30 mil worldwide…hardly a fail in the indie world.

          • :)

            Lets see if you can understand this: LOL was in limited theaters (107) on a limited run, 1 week. But of course the media doesn’t tell you that. And So Undercover went straight to dvd which a lot of movies do.

            So if a movie is only shown in 107 theaters whereas compared to 2000 or 3000 theaters WTF do you think is gonna happen to the one shown in 107 theaters???

          • let it be

            There is a reason it was limited release and if everything Miley touches is gold then they would of released it. It didn’t test well. Yes, the media told you that or you wouldn’t know. None of Selenas movies have gone straight to DVD, that is not a good thing. So, my point is simply not all of SELENAS movies are a fail which was what you were saying. There is excuses after excuses for Miley. She is not invincible. Everyone has their ups and downs, why is it so hard to acknowledge that? I never

          • :)

            Just because selena’s movies didn’t go straight to dvd doesn’t mean they didn’t fail. The Getaway was a huge flop. Ramona & Beezus, Monte Carlo.

          • let it be

            what exactly was the per theater average Hollywood Reporter qoute:

            Even before Miley Cyrus’s LOL hit theaters this weekend, people were preparing for a bomb. Lionsgate basically never gave it a chance, shelving it for two years (it was shot in 2010), and throwing it up at 105 locations with no promotion. It probably would’ve gone direct to DVD if not for a contract provision with foreign distributors saying it had to be released on at least 100 screens domestically. The result? The film’s entire opening weekend gross came to $46,500.

    • To

      Well Selena promote sex,drug,robbery,and bad action in her movie and how to have sex in her video? What your point with miley again?

      • Oh Lord

        You didn’t see the movie, she didn’t promote any of that she was the good girl and left. and yes, there was TONS of sex in her video, i learned a lot.

        • Ty

          She basically was acting out an orgasm on the video and feeling herself and talking about how she wanted the guy to fuck her have you heard the song? Or just sing the lyrics,she promoting the movie she promoting those things.the movie wasn’t even good the script was horrible,the whole thing was crap

          • Oh Lord

            I can respect your opinion that you thought the movie was horrible, Harmony is not for everyone but, her character was the moral compass in the film. Showing you don’t have to be that so, NO that is not promoting to do those things. I missed the orgasm and didn’t even see her kiss the boy. My point is she is NOT having sex to the person above. Not that, that song isn’t sexual.

          • T

            Oh sure the moral compass drinking,drugs,jail,robing people oh ok that what you call classy dont make me lol

          • Oh Lord

            Did you see the movie? The director called her that i think he knows better then you?

  • PerrieEdwards

    They look so classy in that pic

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    Since when can Perez Hilton read people’s thoughts? and he posts it like it’s a new HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA i can’t with this