Chris Brown Arrest For Felony Battery

chris-brown-arrestedChris Brown was arrested on a felony assault charge in Washington D.C. on Sunday after a fight with his bodyguard and a third man around 4:30 AM outside the W Hotel.The alleged victim was treated at the hospital and released. Brown and Hollosy are expected to remain in jail until a Monday court date.

  • I didn’t see that coming

    Said no one, ever.

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  • Get It Together OceanUP

    Ocean Up, why do you only post the bad media on Chris Brown. I’m not condoning his bad behaviour, he does other stuff that’s helpful in the community like visiting shelters and giving away shoes to the rough areas first hand? Get your facts straight

    • Anna

      Because that makes up for his horrible violent behavior.

    • lol

      is this chris chris brown’s mom or


    funny that this is not the whole story, the dude was trying to sneak on his bus and they kept trying to get him away. Thats like someone trying to get in your home. Thats his personal space. REPORT THE WHOLE STORY NOT THE BAD PARTS.

    • Alii

      Yeah, that’s one side of the story. Someone else said that the guy photobombed Chris when he was taking pixtures a with a couple girls then Chris went apeshit.