Katy Perry ‘Don’t Need To Be Naked For Attention’

Katy Perry revealed tod NPR: ‘Well, I think I like to be an inspiration. I think when you set out to be an artist, first and foremost, a musician, a rock ‘n’ roller, you don’t come with this kind of, like, hey, I also want to be a role model that, obviously, will let you down because I’m a human being. And a lot of people see me as a role model but I’d like to kind of turn that around and say I appreciate that but I’d like to be seen as an inspiration.

Because a role model, I think, will fail you. I mean, I couldn’t tell kids when it’s time for them to try things or do things. I mean, that’s not my role. But, you know, it’s funny. I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now, ’cause it’s such a strange world. Like females in pop, everybody’s getting naked. I mean, I’ve been naked before but I don’t feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed. But it’s interesting to see..’

Talking about Miley Cyrus? ‘I’m not talking about anyone in particular. I’m talking about all of them. I mean, it’s like everybody’s so naked. It’s like put it away. We know you’ve got it. I got it too. I’ve taken it off for, I’ve taken it out here and there. And I’m not necessarily judging. I’m just saying sometimes it’s nice to play that card but also it’s nice to play other cards. And I know I have that sexy card in my deck but I don’t always have to use that card. And especially like with this new song called ‘Unconditionally’ that’s on the record.’

  • laura

    omg please, her boobs practically fall out of her dresses all the times and in her music videos she wears as little fabric as possible..

    • hmm

      You didn’t read the interview ;) She says she has done the “sexy” thing too, she’s taken it off, but she’s basically saying that if that’s the only card you play all the time, then it’s boring…you’re a one trick pony!

  • :)

    She has no room to talk. Wasn’t she wearing an extremely low cut dress when she was on tv with the muppets?

  • ashleyofcourse

    i really dont know what to say about this.
    i see what she is saying, but shes also contradicting herself with her statement. she may not go full out nude like gaga or miley, but she defff uses the sex/y cards all the time…come out singing your songs in jeans and a t shirt then ill see your point katy hahahaa

  • Sleeping

    WTF… her entire career was built around exposing her body and disguising sexual lyrics in candyfloss, squirty cream and rainbows. SHE WAS FULLY NAKED ON HER LAST ALBUM COVER FFS. What a hypocritical idiot.

    • yea

      I fully agree! Her entire career has been about showin off her skin and being sexualized since ‘I Kissed A Girl’. BUT however this’ll be opposite to what everyone is saying but I kinda think at this point she’s changing her old habits and ways since her latest album is more mature and she’s starting to actual be mature…in a way… imo but she’s still abit of a hypocrite tho

  • pandapower415

    oh really katy? have you seen your ROAR video? where your practically naked showering with an elephant? and towards the end of the video all i saw was BOOBS when she changed into her “sexy” jungle girl outfit.

  • fefn

    said the girl who nearly showed her boobs at the grammys.
    katy perry doesnt have that great voice but lets be honest and the sexual thing helped her a lot. her last album was oversexualized not to mention the cover of teenage dream. oh and in her concerts she goes half naked so i beg katy to shut your mouth.

  • boystan

    wow congrats katy! want a sticker?

  • @nn@mmm

    I do get what she is saying, but She is not the best example of a career not build on a “too sexy” image.

  • Pln

    Coming from the girl who has her tits out in every video okay?

  • lols

    So strange how every celebrity now has something to talk about the oversexualized industry of Hollywood, while most of them have used that factor many times. Maybe that’s because they’re finally seeing how Miley’s behavior is ridiculous and exaggerated and people probably felt the same about them, or is it because they’re seeing that an inexperienced girl like Lorde could be able to be successful without using that trick?

    • ashleyofcourse


  • hmm

    Looking at the comments I don’t think anyone read the interview. She admits she’s done it too, but it’s getting overused, boring and lame cause everyone is doing it and for a lot of people it’s the only card they play…Katy’s had other unconventional videos and looks, where she’s not half naked. She’s very pretty, so obviously she’s got lots of sexy videos, because it comes easily to her, but that’s not ALL she does ALL the time, unlike some people who instead of finding new ideas and switching it up once in awhile just keep getting nuder and nuder for attention…

  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    I don’t get it. I love Katy, but I feel like everyone is jumping on this “let’s throw shade at Miley” train. Katy’s best friend Rihanna just came out with the Pour it Up video… like, did she even watch that?! That video is 10,000 more explicit than anything we’ve ever seen Miley do. And while people have been hating on Miley as of late, she definitely hasn’t always played the “sexy” card either. Plus, half of the time she’s naked, she’s not even trying to be sexy… she’s just trying to be naked… 2 totally different things lol.

    Not that I agree with everything Miley does (or even half of it), but it baffles me how other artists like Katy say the things they say when they’re the most widely accepted pop stars with overly-sexual images. Like, what possessed you to make this statement? The only reason that I respect Miley for who she is is because she’s honest about it. She goes through phases a lot, but she’s always true to who she is in every phase that she’s in. When she does an interview, she doesn’t hide things, or try and give a false image of who she is, she just IS who she is in every moment. Katy saying this now, is like, huh? Is this the same girl who got famous off of a song talking about how she made out with another girl? The same girl who JUST did a topless photo-shoot like a week ago… Can’t be…